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Anhui Satellite TV conducted interview about the PPP project of Anqing
Time:2019-01-09   Browsing number :1637次


On October 30, Chinese Anhui Satellite TV reporters visited the PPP project in Daguan District, Anqing City, conducting an interview on the development of this people's livelihood project.

Yang Yingzhi and Wu Jing, local government officials from the People's Livelihood Office and the Municipal Management office, along with SINOCONST relating managers assisted with the interview.

In front of the exhibition board, Wu introduced the overall layout, investment promotion and capital operation of the PPP project to the reporters. At the construction site, Wu gave a detailed explanation on the progress of project, reconstruction of the community, construction of road and pipelines, and the operation of the sponge block.

When asked about attracting investment, Yang said that after long-time and multifaceted survey, Daguan Government eventually chose SINOCONST, which has solid strength, strong foundation and reliable reputation, as the PPP project’s cooperation company.

In order to further understand the people's satisfaction with this project, reporters randomly interviewed a female resident. The interviewed resident spoke highly of the project’s construction quality, progress and safety, and expressed thanks to the hard work of the government departments, investment and construction company.