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General Manager Yang Chuanliang attended the regional management meeting in Belarus and surrounding areas
Time:2019-03-19   Browsing number :2119次

From March 5th to 8th, 2019, General Manager Yang Chuanliang attended the briefing session and opening ceremony of SINOMACH and surrounding areas in Minsk, Belarus. Yang introduced the management situation of SINOCONST and the business development in Belarus and surrounding areas to the participants, also provided suggestions on the development of regional markets and the cooperation of various units of SINOMACH.

During the meeting, Yang visited projects under construction like Belarusian commercial complex project, the Belarusian agro-industrial complex project and the Belarusian Geely automobile production line project. After listening to the report of the project department at the site of the Belarusian commercial complex project, Yang fully affirmed the significance of the implementation of the commercial complex project. This commercial complex project is the first oversea large-scale public building undertaken by SINOCONST. Yang was satisfied with the quality of the project. He expressed appreciation for the use of new technologies and processes in the construction, and put forward specific requirements for the construction deadline, project costs, especially the safety work. When checking the construction of the agro-industrial complex project, he encouraged workers to carefully organize and complete the temporary construction tasks as soon as possible, in order to provide good living and working conditions for the official start of construction in April. At the site of the Belarusian automobile production line project, he visited the welding and assembly production workshop, he spoke highly of Belarusian Geely automobile production line project, saying it deserved to win the oversea Luban Award.

Yang expressed his condolences to the employees who fought in the front line of Belarus. He encouraged everyone to continue to invest in the project construction with full enthusiasm and to create more glory for the development of the company.