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Zambia Corn Flour Processing Plant Aid Project hold the Foundation Laying Ceremony
Time:2019-04-25   Browsing number :3412次

On Apr 17, the commencement ceremony of the project to support Zambia Corn Flour Processing Plant was held in the Jongovi area of Lusaka, capital of Zambia. Senior officials from 30 departments, including President Edgar Lengu of Zambia, Defense Minister Davis Chama, and Chief of Jongovi District, Ambassador Li Jie of China to Zambia, Ouyang Daobing of the Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Office, SINOCONST’s exeutive president Yang Chuanliang and Vice President Wang Jianfeng, representatives of member units of the Zambian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and representatives of relevant cooperative units attended the founding ceremony.


Zambian President Edgar Lengu said that the cooperation between China and Zambia is very close, and the successful completion of the project can ease Zambia's food supply, stabilize the market price of corn flour, provide jobs for the local area, promote the economy of the factory location, improve the living conditions of local residents, and improve the technical level of corn flour processing in Zambia's local society. The project is significantly important to the local people's livelihood and will become a new model for the development of local agriculture.


On behalf of the general contractor of the project, Yang Chuanliang, the executive president of SINOCONST, solemnly promised to cast high-quality project for the benefit of the Zambian people while maintaining its quality, quantity and safety.


This project is assisted by the Chinese Government. The total construction area of the project is about 30,000 square meters and a 240 tons corn processing plant will be built in Mengze and Mpika respectively. At the same time, a demonstration plant will be set up in Lusaka to deal with 40 tons of maize per day, which is going be used to train 200 Zambian technicians per year and conduct small-scale maize flour production . After the project was put into operation, 150,000 tons of maize flour and by-products could be provided every year.